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Posted On: 12/20/2019

Management & Staff!

The new manager & staff is awesome! Lamarlan O, is an amazing manager. The staff is very friendly, helpful & courteous. They get what you need done in a good time frame. Thank you!
By: Cina   
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Posted On: 9/23/2019

Moving soon

Wonderful staff ! I can't wait until I move in my new place and become a part of the Promenade Family. Thank you . Rene'e
By: Renee A.   
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Posted On: 9/4/2019

Thank you

I would like to say Thank you to the staff here especially Zach. He has been a wonderful manager and asset to the company. Thanks Zach!
By: Ms. Hammons   
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Posted On: 7/31/2019

Great place to stay

I've been at Promenade now for about 5.5 months. There was a slight hiccup when I was moving in (which I have to commend the property manager, Zach) but was quickly deescalated by management. He called me while he was at the vet with his dog to see what he could do to accommodate me and also followed up to see if my move in went well. I was very impressed by that. Errors are human - it's how they are addressed that should be evaluated. The only other issue I had was with bugs. I was adamant about moving because I did not come from that, have never lived with it and refused to do it now. The staff was amazing - even maintenance got involved. I am bug free and I am in LOVE with my apartment. EVERY time I've had a maintenance issue, I rec'd a text/email advising they are in receipt and my issues are addressed and SOLVED the next day. I've not had any major maintenance issues to complain about but if I ever did, their promptness and professionalism so far has put my mind at ease. For the most part, it's very quiet. There aren't people hanging out in front of the bldgs. or children hanging out everywhere (and I am observing this thru the summer) and the property on my side is very well maintained. I will update again in the next few months but again, I have NO COMPLAINTS about Promenade and the service I receive. T
By: Current Residence in Bldg 22   
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Posted On: 5/8/2019

Glad I made the decision to look here

I'm glad I stopped here. I remember the rainy day in Feb when I called to see an apartment. Roberta was my first point of contact. She had a pleasant smile, she was courteous and very helpful. There was a slight 'hiccup' with my move-in but the manager Zach, was right on it. He called me Saturday while he was at the vet, just to check on me and make sure my move-in was going well. There were a few maintenance issues that needed to be addressed (nothing major) and based on prior reviews, I was a little hesitant to call. This maintenance team they have working now! TOP NOTCH! I get INSTANT notices when an order has been put in, rec'd and completed. Everything I've requested has been a 24 hr turn around. I love how the leasing office makes parents be accountable for their children by not allowing them to run all about the property unsupervised. VERY impressive. I like that the leasing office plans events for the residents at the complex. A great way to get to know your neighbors. I've missed each event (moved in Mid-March) but they seemed to be very nice and well thought out. The parking lots and the grounds are clean, the trash bin is never overflowing, neighbors aren't loitering outside and in breezeways and for the most part, it's peaceful. Very peaceful. We're downsizing from a home to an apartment, preparing for retirement and future travel so this move has been a huge transition. The decision to rent here was one of the better decisions we've made this year. If you are looking for a place that is clean, management is caring and attentive and you enjoy all the amenities of a home, you should do yourself a favor and check out Promenade at Berkeley. You can't go wrong. I am extremely pleased so far. **I will update at the end of the summer**
By: Erma Hill   
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Posted On: 3/1/2019

Great Staff!

The staff at Promenade at Berkeley Lake were all very welcoming and helpful. Not sure if they quite understand how they helped to make a very stressful situation, less stressful. Even the maintenance gentlemen were friendly. I don't think we take out enough time as residents and customers to recognize the patience it takes to work with people as we generally emphasize the negatives and not the positives. Therefore, I wanted to be sure after I got settled in {3 weeks now) to say THANKS you guys for such an awesome experience. Roberta, Robert, and not sure the Manager, as he seemed to be new himself, yet took time to stop, shake my hand, and say Hello. Sincerely, TaTamikia Gilmore
By: TaTamikia Gilmore     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 4/5/2018

This is a great place to live!

We moved here in October and have really started to enjoy our new home. The neighborhood is pretty quiet, lots of trees, and feels secluded. I love that this complex is within a couple miles of everything. One of my favorite features is the pool hours. A lot of places close the pool when the office closes. This place keeps it open real late. Oh and the valet trash is awesome. I love setting my trash out and not having to walk it to a dumpster. Another thing that I like is the lack of speed bumps. There are some, but they aren't every 100 feet like some places and the bumps that are here aren't so big that you have to crawl over them to not lose your bumper. Last but not least, I love the staff here. They are friendly, inviting, thoughtful, and ready to solve a problem at a moments notice. If I were to improve one thing, it would be adding 3 bedroom options in to the apartments available to rent. I guess that would have to be an expansion option and may be a bit costly, but I know I would pay to live in one with an extra room. With all of that said, so far, we love this place!
By: Anthony Parker     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 9/27/2017


I reside on this property, and your manager and staff in the office is horrible. They are not professional and thy do not consider that their residents, have other things to do beside taking off from work to come in the office due to they can not answer a phone line. I do not and can not believe that they are so busy that they can not answer a phone or let alone return a call. I have watch them miss treat good people and miss lead new residents. I can not keep taking off from my job to handle minor things with this leasing office. Maintenance does not get the job done, they half repair things. Something need to be done regarding this.
By: Anonymous     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 8/2/2017

Shelf installation

Great and fast service. Thankful.
By: Tonia     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 6/27/2017


The Promenade's property manager and staff are super friendly and willing to go out of their way! Carla, Chris, and Isaiah, all helped me find the perfect apartment. Any time I had a question or concern they were very helpful. I toured every place in the area and Promenade had everything for a great price.
By: Anonymous   
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